And….. We’re off!!

“Back from Obesity: My 252-pound Weight-loss Journey” is now officially available in both softcover and electronic formats.

Here’s the copy from the back of the book:

THIS IS NOT A “HOW-TO” BOOK. This is my story—the story of an ordinary 60-year-old woman’s amazing journey from life-threatening morbid obesity down to a healthy weight, back up through another decade of demoralizing 100-pound relapse, to eventual “right-size” weight maintenance without gastric bypass, lap band surgery, liquid fasting, diet pills, or extreme exercise.

So what did I do to lose so much weight?

Alas, there is no magic wand, no switch to flip, no secret food or formula. But you knew that already.

Instead, let me inspire you with my personal story of experience, strength, and hope. Come along on my journey; learn the tips, tricks, and tools I used, one day at a time.         

Then let your own successful weight-loss story begin today. If I can do it, you can too.


When I weighed 396 pounds, I thought there was no hope. I knew I was committing slow suicide with every bite, yet I could not control my eating. It is my fervent hope that by putting it all out there, my story will help others who feel there is no way out.

Yesterday, August 29, was my mother’s birthday, and I chose that date to launch this book; I’m sure she would have liked that. Mother was a fantastic speller, wrote poems to commemorate fun events, and constantly encouraged me to write “something nice about your mom” in my newspaper columns back in the 90s.

She also taught me to never, never, never give up. This book took 12 long years to arrive at publication. Thanks Mom. Love you.