On this date in 1984, Apple computers unveiled their first Macintosh personal computer. Always a little techno-challenged, it took me six years to bring home my first Mac, a “Classic,” with a 9” screen and a slot for 3.5” “floppy” disks.

I was forced into the computer age kicking and screaming and resisting all the way. I sincerely thought I’d be long retired before I “had to” learn to use the mechanical abominations that threatened to take over the world as we knew it.

But once I stopped resisting (resistance was truly futile!), I began to see just how “enhanced” my life could be with the Information Super Highway at my fingertips. Now I can’t imagine my life without a best friend named Google.

As it turns out, since the first “Jonathan A. Macintosh” entered my life, I’ve “upgraded” my computer system every seven years, and it’s always been a Mac for me. And no, I do not get any kind of kickback by saying so. They’ve served me well, and if it ain’t broke, I ain’t about to rock the boat, mixed metaphors notwithstanding!

Technology changes so fast, the first computer I brought home was nearly obsolete by the time I got it out of the box. Today I’m content to simply “know what I know,” and let the rest go. I’m just grateful I got on board when I did!