Unless you’ve been living under some kind of cosmic media-free rock, you’re well aware that today is Super Bowl Sunday. Especially if you live in Washington state, where there’s been a run on blue and green face paint for the past several months.

Two weeks ago, we Seattle Seahawk fans celebrated one of the most dramatic “comebacks” of all time. Even us die-hard fanatics are still shaking our heads in amazement, but hey, a “W” is a “W” and we’ll take the WIN any way we can snatch it!

So today, even though I’m writing this blog post hours before the BIG GAME, the adrenalin is already freakin’ through my body. I’m wearing my Seahawks jersey, my “S for Seattle” earrings, and the same socks as I wore two weeks ago. (Don’t ask me if I washed them; you really don’t want to know!)

I’m just hoping Seattle shows up to play LONG BEFORE the final three minutes of the game! I don’t think my heart can take another last-minute miracle like before. (But if that’s how we WIN, you won’t catch me complaining!)

Bottom line: It’s the SUPER BOWL, football fans! Hang on to your hats, and GO SEAHAWKS!