DSC05407I just love telling people I went to Mykonos. MEE-CON-NOS. It just rolls off the tongue and sparks the imagination in a way that never ceases to make me smile. “Mykonos! Mykonos! Meeeee-con-nos!”DSC05412

“Downtown” was quite a hike from the motel for me, even though it was literally all downhill… And that was part of the problem. With an abundance of arthritis instead of cartilage in one knee, and the other also in disrepair, walking downhill is always tougher than uphill. Adding in the narrow street without a sidewalk and the temperature in the 80s, and I was happy I didn’t give up half way there.

DSC05416The “city” curls around the harbor, and the buildings are all jumbled together inside an intriguing cobblestone maze. I admit, I got “lost” more than once, but I always knew “the water is over that way” and was able to collect my bearings.DSC05423

I marveled at the architecture, the clean white lines, the vibrant trim colors, and the huge hanging baskets of fushia-colored bougainvillea. Those baskets made for a startling contrast, and I nearly tripped myself up staring at them instead of watching where I was going.

DSC05418At one point, I stopped to “take in the scene” of young adults gathered on a stairway, engaged in everyday conversation, oblivious to the fact that THEY’RE IN MYKONOS! … Okay, so my romanticism kept carrying me away, but I love being a tourist, and it shows!

I didn’t buy too many “souvenirs” here, as I was aware my suitcase was getting heavier DSC05414every day, but I did stop to take many photos of “ordinary” people and buildings and things that I knew would later make me smile with the memories.

DSC05424And when I got hungry, I walked a few blocks back off the waterfront to find exactly what I was looking for—a Mom and Pop restaurant serving gyros and souvlaki, two of the foodstuffs which had already become a passion. I was “sorry” the place was named “Jimmy’s,” as it sounded so… “American,” but the tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dressing) was delightful and the pita was thick and warm and not-too-chewy and I forgave them their name.DSC05425

Nevertheless, when I passed another restaurant a short while later, I took a picture just for the name. It was obvious to me, as the location was tucked in close to the bus station, that this place was a more tourist than local oriented, but I only wanted a photo of the signage, not the meal.

DSC05413All in all, it was a fabulous outing, but the steep hill going back was daunting, and I opted to spend five Euros on a cab ride.

It was a very good investment!