DSC05867No, contrary to popular belief, “Mama Mia” was NOT filmed on Santorini. But it it had been… Well, it’s for sure that Perissa would have been THE place to be!DSC05864

Stereotypical to a fault, Perissa’s waterfront is lined with quaint cafés and dotted with palm frond shade umbrellas covering the sunbathers’ lounge chairs. And although it was quite hot enough to melt my gelato before I made a mess of it, few swimmers were taking advantage of the area.

DSC05863A few steps back you find the “happy crap” stores, catering to the premise that no tourist can resist buying just one more souvenir to lug home.

Naturally, I loved the place! As I’ve mentioned before, I am the quintessentDSC05881ial tourist. I go out of my way to boost the local economy by purchasing my share, and then some, of all kinds of “necessities” that no one really needs. Nevertheless, I enjoy the experience of sorting through all my treasures when I get home and displaying my ever-growing plethora refrigerator magnets with pride.

The big disappointment of the entire trip to Santorini was not getting to go to Ia to see “the blue domes.” Blue domes appear on all the “Greek brochures,” and try as I may, I never did see an abundance of the little buggers. “TDSC05883hey’re in Ia,” I was told, but that adventure had not been offered. However, my pain was slightly assuaged by the brilliant blue dome and bell tower of Perissa. DSC05891

Nevertheless, I suppose one could argue that once you’ve seen one blue dome, you’ve seen them all. But I sure did love walking around this one and talking photos from all angles, the “artsiest” one taken while peeping through the entrance archway.

So what do you think? Did I find the perfect photo to epitomize my Grecian blue dome obsession?