A few days ago, I mentioned that I had witnessed so many manifestations of abundance as evidence of the Law of Attraction that I could write a book (“Kick-ass Stories of Abundance through the Law of Attraction”). Just hours after finishing that post, a friend called to share this story with me:

For 52 years, my friend had gone without any contact from his birth father. He knew his name, of course, but being only a very small boy at the time his father left, he was not privy to the circumstances. His mother remarried a few years later, and my friend was adopted by his step-father, therefore changing his last name, and thus becoming somewhat harder to find.

A few weeks ago my friend told me of his childhood fear of abandonment. As part of the 3-step LOA process discussed previously, this is part of the Contrast and Clarity step. Step One: He stated what he didn’t want: to feel the pain of abandonment. And he became clear on what he did want: for his birth father to get in contact with him.

He succinctly expressed his desire (Step 2, the Desire Statement) to have contact from his birth father. And then he “Allowed” the Law of Attraction to go to work (Step 3), knowing that “lots can happen” when we release all doubt and negative vibration which arise from our own limiting beliefs.

Less than three weeks later, unbeknownst to my friend, his own son, now 18, went googling through the Internet, seeking to follow the family tree on his grandmother’s side. There was a marriage certificate for her and a birth certificate for his father (my friend). Upon further research, and to make a long story a bit shorter, it turned out that this young man’s grandfather (my friend’s father) was alive and living just 30 minutes from the grandson he didn’t know he had in Southern California.

The sprinkles on the frosting of the cupcake of this story is that once again, with amazing swiftness, the Law of Attraction unerringly brought resolution to my friend’s desire. The universe complied by saying, “Your wish is my command,” and all three generations will be united early next month.

I just love it when a plan comes together!