I’m going honky-tonking tonight, and I can’t wait!  To visit cheap noisy bars or dance halls where raucous music permeates the air makes my feet start tapping in anticipation even as I sit chained to my computer.

Strictly speaking, the first music genre to be commonly known as honky tonk was a style of piano playing related to ragtime, but emphasizing rhythm more than melody or harmony. The style evolved in response to an environment where the pianos were often poorly cared for, tending to be out of tune and having some nonfunctioning keys.

Out of tune? Who cares?! In the words of one of my favorite dance songs, “Give me the beat, boys, to soothe my soul, I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.”

Movin’ and groovin’ to the beat. Yep, that’s a special kind of meditation on its own. God bless the people who invented all forms of dancing—especially the kind where you grab your partner and just hug and sway to the rhythm of the night.

Like I said, I can’t wait!