Most days I think I’m 18 until I open my eyes in the morning. Eighteen is a pretty good time in most everyone’s life. But today I’m thinking 16 is even better.

At 18, high school was behind me and I was planning to go away to college in the fall. Suddenly there were commitments, responsibilities, and all sorts of “grown-up” things to attend to. In other words, reality was setting in. The teen years were rapidly closing and I went kicking and screaming into adulthood.

But today I can be any age I want to be. I’ve earned it. So what if the calendar says I’m 55? Today I’m saying I’m 16, and I dare anyone to suggest otherwise.

So today I invite you to pick an age. Any age. An age when you had the world by the tail. And once you’ve decided how old you choose to be, I challenge you to live today AS IF you really are that age.

There’s nothing stopping you today from having the best time of your life. Age is just a number: ENJOY YOURSELF!