A strong sense of humor is a vital asset. In fact, I call it my most valuable possession. Laughter is undeniably good for the mind, body and spirit, and I never miss an opportunity to see the funny side of any situation.

When I was visiting Tahlequah, Oklahoma, last month, I stopped dead in my tracks and laughed uproariously at the name of the restaurant mentioned here in the blog heading. My companion didn’t get it right away, so I insisted he say it over and over, faster and faster, until it suddenly dawned on him.

Even then, I don’t think he thought it was nearly as funny as I did—but then, I’ve always had a great appreciation for the quirky things in life. As well as the quirky people.

I went inside the restaurant to inquire about the owner of the restaurant. “Oh yes, he’s quite the character,” the waitperson told me. “He has a second restaurant in town, too. Have you seen it?”

“I thought so!” I nearly crowed, remembering signage we’d passed by on our walk. “It’s ‘Ernie Coli’s Chili Pot’ isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” she replied. “But it closed a couple months ago.” She sadly shook her head. “The economy, you know.”

“Could have been worse,” I told her with a smile. “The owner could have contracted a case of botulism.”

I don’t think my companion thought that was funny either…  I guess some people are just not born with a sense of humor. Thank goodness I’m not one of them!