I was born in Seattle, therefore, by default, I’m a Seattle Mariner baseball fan. Always have been. And for the last 32 years, I’ve been hoping that THIS was “our year.” But so far, a World Series appearance has eluded my team.

Nevertheless, I’m a loyal fan and I usually attend six or eight games at Safeco Field every year, which is quite a commitment. I live 3 1/2 hours from the stadium. Each way. So attending a game is a really big deal. My favorite seats are just behind third base. That way I get a really great view of Beltre’s butt. (And believe me, it’s a really great view.)

Naturally, when I go to the games, I like to see my team WIN. But if we can’t win, at least the garlic fries make it worth the trip. I was there at Safeco Field last night when we played the Los Angeles Angels, who happen to be in first place in our division this year.

The garlic fries were great. So was the view.