I suppose there are people who always know just how to proceed. People who instinctively know where they’re headed and the steps (in order, no less) to get them there. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

I can, however, offer up one of my tried-and-true solutions for overcoming indecision and getting “unstuck.” Brace yourself: it involves physical movement.

Any physical activity counts. By shifting my mind-set into doing something with my larger motor muscles, like mowing the lawn, washing the car, even vacuuming or doing the dishes, I get out of my head just far enough to zone out and go into my more creative mode. (And at the very least, the housework gets done.)

It doesn’t take much thought to do the dishes. Most of us do them while on “automatic pilot.” But while the body is busy taking on a mindless chore, the brain synapses are charging full steam ahead, bouncing around with creative excitement, seeking to solve our more challenging cerebral concerns… Concerns like “what shall I write about today?”

So tomorrow morning, if you find yourself “stuck” on a problem at work or at home, consider getting up and moving. Do something physical. Distract your brain from the thought process for a few minutes and see what happens. And, pun intended, March forth!