The majority of women reading today’s title instantly know exactly what I’m saying. Men, however, are probably wondering what it’s all about. I’d be happy to educate them, but there’s really no way they’ll ever understand the female’s willingness to subject themselves to an annual mammogram.

By the time women turn 75, one out of three has experienced some from of cancer. That’s the statistic they gave my mother, when, at exactly age 75, a malignant tumor was found through a routine exam. There’s no “history” of cancer in our family, she never smoked, exercised regularly, and watched her weight. But she got cancer anyway. “It’s just one of those unexplainable things,” her doctor told us. “She won the random cancer lottery.”

Early detection was the key, and after a 30-day round of radiation, and some little pills once a day for five years, there’s been no sign of the disease. Hallelujah!

So this morning I trotted myself right in for my Squish Test. As the technician turned the hand crank ever tighter, flattening my breast to the size of a large pancake sandwiched between two flat plastic plates, I gave thanks for the technology to help us stay healthy. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but the feeling is temporary.

If you haven’t had a mammogram for awhile, call now to schedule your appointment. The sense of relief when you receive a clean bill of health is well worth it, and if they discover something to attend to, you caught it in good time. Please make self-care your highest priority today!

And men… I guess I don’t have to tell you what YOU need to do…