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Sylvia Avery Mystery Series, Book One

Bottom Feeders

Cozy mystery *1 set on the SW Washington Coast. Something evil has happened at the Clamshell Motel, and early retiree Sylvia Avery is right in the thick of it. With insider help from Mercedes, her mature but mischievous lounger friend at the Spartina Point Casino and Resort, Syl works to prove that Harold Rodman the Third, a.k.a “Uncle Harry,” is up to something fishy.



Sylvia Avery Mystery Series, Book Two


Cozy mystery *2 set on the SW Washington Coast. A movie production crew has come to the coastal community of Tinkerstown, but before they first scenes are shot, two murders have been committed. Although the MOs are quite different, Sheriff Donaldson doggedly searches for any possible connection between the two deaths.



Sylvia Avery Mystery Series, Book Three

Crab Bait

Cozy mystery *3 set on the SW Washington Coast. The merry geriatric belly dancing troupe may be just a tad too merry, considering all of them have become recent widows. But what about those hefty life insurance policies? Is it the money that’s putting a spring back into their step? Sheriff Donaldson, with a little help from some unexpected sources, is determined to get to the bottom of these untimely deaths.



Back from Obesity:

My 252-pound Weight-loss Journey

Without resorting to gastric bypass, lap band surgery, liquid fasts, diet pills, or extreme exercise, I lost a total of 252 pounds, and am maintaining a healthy weight between 140 and 145.  



Just Joshin’

A Year in the Life of a Not-so-ordinary 4th Grade Kid 

Sixty-three funny and true classroom anecdotes. Every teacher has taught many kids like Josh; many parents have raised one. A great gift for anyone who’s ever known a wonderfully precocious child!



It’s Christmas

Doesn’t every family have a sibling who’s never on time, a Christmas tree that refuses to stand straight, and a daughter who wants a car, or nothing at all, for Christmas?

“It’s Christmas” is a quirky collection of humorous personal experience, romantic seasonal fiction, and the scripts from three one-act holiday plays.

“It’s Christmas” has a little something for everyone!



Through My Looking Glass:

The View from the Beach

Sixty-eight humorous personal experience stories gleaned from

Jan’s former 11-time award-winning newspaper column. “Writing a column for a small town newspaper is like walking naked through the streets.”

These stories are sure to tickle your funny bone.



Through My Looking Glass:

Volume II                                                 

The long-awaited “Volume 2” of “Through My Looking Glass,” is a collection of 71 humorous personal experience stories, gleaned from Jan’s 11-time Washington Newspaper Association award-winning column. “Nobody’s safe around me,” she quips. “There are stories everywhere, in every single day, just begging to be written.”



Chasing Rainbows

A chapbook of 48 poems for general audiences. A successful relationship is as elusive as the fabled pot of gold, but we learn to appreciate both the sun and the rain, and never, ever, give up Chasing Rainbows.



Bar Talk

A chapbook of 48 poems, some with adult language/content. Dedicated to Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, Old Mr. Boston, Jose’ Cuervo, Ernest and Julio Gallo, and all the Christian Brothers.



Romance 101                                   

As seen in Woman’s World Magazine, “Romance 101: Forty-two light, sweet, delicious, G-rated short stories,” are for those who enjoy short romance fiction in mainstream women’s magazines. And yes, one of these stories was, indeed, published in Woman’s World, where boy meets girl, and the future is full of unlimited possibilities.  


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