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NEW for Christmas 2011!

A Christmas Trilogy:

Three One-Act Holiday Plays

Three one-act Christmas plays, all using the same set with a few prop changes!


General ordering information:

A Christmas Trilogy: Three One-Act Holiday Plays. This holiday trilogy is available for $180 for the first three performances, plus shipping and handling. This entitles the purchaser to make duplicate copies of the script and the royalties for the first three performances in any form, including full production, workshops, Readers’ Theater, etc., with $60 for each additional performance.

One-Act Scripts are available for $75 each, plus shipping and handling. This entitles the purchaser to make duplicate copies of the script and the royalties for first three performances in any form, including full production, workshops, Readers’ Theater, etc. Additional productions of the same one-act play are $25 per performance. 

For the Dinner Theatre Mystery, “Who Done Darwin In?” the purchase price of $135 also covers duplication of the script and three performances in any form, with $45 for each additional performance. 

For additional information on characters, set recommendations, and script preview pages, send me a note through my contact page and I will be glad to help in the selection of your play. 

©Jan Bono, Sandridge Publications, 2010


A Christmas Trilogy:

Three Holiday One-Acts

The stage setting is the same for all three plays, with the exception of a few minor prop changes, such as the number of stockings hanging on the hearth, and the garlands for the tree. Tree and window Christmas lights may remain lit during the set changes while the stage lights are dimmed. Intermission after second play.

1) Giving In

2 women, 1 “younger” boy (8-10), 1 non-speaking male (Humane Society messenger)

14 page script, running time approx 18-20 minutes

Suzanne’s best friend, “Auntie Pauline” takes little Billy to the mall for the afternoon so that his mother can get some holiday baking and wrapping done without having to keep an eye on her son. When Pauline and Billy return, Suzanne learns that Pauline has encouraged Billy to ask Santa for a kitten for Christmas. Suzanne is dismayed, as she thinks Billy is still too young to care for a pet, and Pauline works to change her mind.

 2) The Ultimatum

1 woman, 1 man, 16 yr old girl, 2 younger siblings (boy and girl), Santa’s voice offstage

14 page script, running time approx 18-20 minutes

 Samantha, a 16-year-old girl, wants a car for Christmas, or nothing at all. She presents list of “reasons” buying her a car is the best thing for the whole family. She’ll run errands, take siblings to ball or guitar practice, and have more time for homework if she’s not stuck on a bus for hours every day. Dad says no. Mom says to keep working on him. Grandma observes and offers her own insights. But time is running out.

 3) Walnut Garland and Airplane Parts

3 men, 3 women, 28 page script, running time approx 35-40 minutes

Gathering at the home of a single female adult, hosting a holiday dinner for her adult siblings and spouses for the first time since their mother has passed. They reminisce while looking at their mother’s photo album, laughing about the good times, and get to know each other now as adults rather than their mother’s children. Their mom’s lawyer arrives to add another aspect to the gathering, and to remind them all that some things will never change.


Killer Clam Tide

 A comedy.

Five either gender with speaking parts.

Plus four either gender with only one line each.

Eighteen page script

Someone’s been murdered on the beach during an early-morning ocean clam tide with thousands of potential witnesses, but only two slightly-ditzy first-time clam diggers admit to having seen anything. The Clam Cop brings them in to be interviewed by the Sheriff, the “M.E.” is delighted to have a body to examine, and the line-up is one-of-a-kind.

Running time:  20-25 minutes.


Who Done Darwin In?

 A Dinner Theater Mystery Play

Ten characters, including Narrator. Four to six women and four to six men.

 While dinner guests enjoy appetizers, salad, entree and dessert, the mystery unfolds between courses. Someone has done Darwin in during a backyard end-of-summer barbecue. Everyone attending has had opportunity—and plenty of motive. Was it Darwin’s wife, her best friend, his business partner, the gardener and/or his wife, the sweet young thing he keeps time with, or the cook? At the end of each scene, suspicion has shifted to different character. The detective must make sense of the facts, or all shall go free.

The dinner menu is an integral part of this production, and suggestions are included.

 Running time: Varies, depending on length of dinner courses.


Queen of Hearts  

A Mississippi Riverboat Comedy/Romance. (One Act) 

 Eight characters: four men, four women. One senior citizen couple.

 When John, a young professional man escaping Wall Street, goes to Hannibal, Missouri, to meet and have dinner with a woman he connected with on the Internet, he has no idea how his own personal decision will deeply effect the lives of at least six other people: Albert and Mabel Vanderhoff, Paul and Esther Hanson, Bill (the bartender), and Patty (the cruise director).

Albert and Mabel are there celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Paul and Esther are a simple middle-aged, middle-class mid-western couple who have never had enough money or inclination to take a “real” vacation before. The aging Mississippi Riverboat, the SS River Queen, is losing money and Bill and Patty may soon be facing unemployment.

As John anxiously awaits his date’s arrival, he shares his quest with the other passengers, and they disclose details about their own lives and longings as well. When the boat is about to leave the dock without John’s date, they all ban together and ask that the Captain waits a little longer for her arrival, afraid that John has been stood-up. But the Captain has a schedule to keep…

Running time: 28 minutes


Dissention Among the Ranks

What if the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery had all been Women? (One Act)

 Four women.

 What if the members of the Corps of Discovery had all been women? Would the ladies of the Corps have rebelled against authority? Would they have ever made it to the Pacific Ocean? Would they have argued among themselves and succumbed to not-such-happy-camper behaviors?

A total spoof, capitalizing on blatant gender stereotypes and making fun of such things as needing matching shoes to go with their outfits, breaking a fingernail, petitioning for a day of shopping therapy at the Mandan Village Mall, and having perpetual “bad hair days.”

Would a new fur coat help? Not if they have to skin it themselves! What they really want may be a day at the spa, but the leaders of the expedition have a few tricks up their sleeves to thwart a total mutiny and secure the US claim to the entire Pacific Northwest.

Running time: 28 minutes


Motorcycle Mama

Martha wants to learn to ride a hog! (One Act)

 Four characters: two men, two women. One woman is considerably older.

 Martha, a rather unassuming senior citizen, but still with plenty of spring in her step, wants to learn to ride a motorcycle. It’s on her “bucket list” and she is eager to get on a bike for the first time in her life. She goes to a local motorcycle repair shop and asks for someone to teach her to ride. She is met with much opposition from the mechanics at the shop until she offers to pay for the instruction.

Money talks, but first Martha must complete some menial maintenance tasks before Rawlin, the shop owner, will allow her to even sit on a bike. She agrees, and what transpires during her first “lesson” makes for a feel-good, heart-warming story.

Running time: 25 minutes


Just Joshin’

A Year in the Life of a Not-so-ordinary 4th Grade Kid (One Act)

Two characters: A young to middle-aged woman and a 9 to 11 year old boy.

 Boys like Josh are usually labeled precocious, or a real handful, or perhaps a royal pain in the backside. Josh is a brunette Dennis the Menace, with shirttails flapping, shoes untied, and a perpetual up-to-something grin on his face. Follow 10-year-old Josh through his 4th grade school year, told in 10 anecdotal scenes, as he never fails to amuse and surprise his teacher.

Running time: 22 minutes.

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