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TMLG Editing and Critique was named for “Through My Looking Glass,” my 11-time WNPA award-winning humorous personal experience newpaper column. I have been editing and coaching writers for several decades.

My base fee is $30 an hour, $15 minimum, whether it’s for a short story, first chapter, synopsis, children’s book, brochure, application, letter of recommendation, resume, poetry or complete novel. Whatever writing you have that could benefit from a second look, I’m your gal. I don’t want to change your “voice” or style; my main focus is on accurate and reliable proofreading and critique.

Manuscripts must be submitted in regular 12-point font, double-spaced, average 25 lines per page. Poetry and other writing needs to be sent in its “final” format.

I am happy to work with you one-on-one as a personal writing coach and/or project consultant. Groups may also schedule specific weekend workshops. Rates vary.

TMLG Editing and Critique is dedicated to giving your writing the attention it deserves. Contact me today!

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