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The first THREE books in the Sylvia Avery Mystery Series (Bottom Feeders, Starfish, and Crab Bait) which all take place in SW Washington, are available here NOW!

To read the individual “book blurbs” please go to the “Books” page on the menu bar. TO ORDER, go to the “Book Store” page and SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM…  Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to add new items to the TOP of the page, so everything on the Book Store page is in the order it was produced, starting with “Just Joshin’,” back in 2009!

Add your book selections to your “Cart” and follow through the process… OR… you can go to the EVENTS page to see when I’m doing a Holiday Bazaar in your area,  OR…  especially if you live locally, you can contact me through Facebook (JanBonoBooks is a public page) and we’ll make special arrangements to get these books to you ASAP!

UPDATE  July, 2018: Getting the third book out in my series was bittersweet—my tech guru, traveling companion, and very best friend ever, died shortly after book two was written. He was instrumental in motivating me to begin this mystery series, and in setting up this site, and I truly wondered if I’d even be able to write again after his death. I will forever owe him a debt of gratitude in believing in me and constantly encouraging me to put my stories on paper.

MY WRITING HISTORY: After concluding a 30-year stint as a classroom teacher, I “left the institution” in 2006, and am now charging full-throttle into my second career, and love: Writing!

I’ve had stories published in Guidepost, Woman’s World, Byline and Star, to name a few. I wrote a humorous personal experience newspaper column for over 10 years, gleaning 11 state awards. My first book, “Through My Looking Glass, The View from the Beach,” is a collection of those WNPA award-winning columns.

“Just Joshin’, A Year in the Life of a Not-so-ordinary 4th Grade Kid,” is a lighthearted collection of 63 classroom anecdotes. Deciding to self-publish “Just Joshin’,” I created my own company, Sandridge Publications, in 2009. In 2011, I published a holiday collection of 47 stories and the scripts from three one act plays entitled “It’s Christmas!”

One-act plays caught my attention in 2008, and I wrote the first and second place winners for the Willapa Players’ contest in Raymond, Washington that year. To date, I have 12 one-act plays and a dinner theater play that have all “seen the boards.”

I’m now a frequent contributor the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, and 37 stories in the past 9 years have been pubished, which puts me in the TOP FIVE CONTRIBUTORS, WORLD WIDE!!


I teach writing to adults who’ve always wanted to write, and I’m available to do a variety of hands-on workshops and/or speaking engagements for any size group. I LOVE doing speaking gigs!

October through December, I attend many holiday bazaars and craft fairs. Please check my EVENTS page for specific details on where you can find me IN PERSON!!

Thanks for checking out my site. Materials ordered through this website are mailed promptly.


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