Faster! Faster! Faster! We zip right along the Information Highway at warp speeds until suddenly…BAM! Somewhere, someone drops the ball and the world, as we’ve come to know it, brakes to a screeching halt.

Which is exactly what happened last Friday… Friday the 13th… When the good folks at discovered that a little ways back up the chain of command (a.k.a. the internet service provider types) a major snafu had reared its ugly head. BAM! It’s like we were all thrown directly into a really bad remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

It wasn’t too bad for me, a relatively tiny spoke connected to the web wheel. I only lost my BLOG link for about four days, and I had (thankfully) saved copies of all my previous posts in my own computer. It didn’t take too long, once this site was back up and running, to re-enter the data (albeit with the dates now all reading February 17) to recreate my new online adventure.

But for other folks, like the good folks at, the word NIGHTMARE hardly touches it. And for their Herculean efforts these days to put the earth back spinning on its axis, I offer a huge THANK YOU and send them heartfelt hugs and lots of warm-fuzzy thoughts as they continue to scramble to restore missing data.

And for the record: It wasn’t their fault!