How do you view the world? Do you tend to see major life-changing events in your life as disasters or blessings? Do you have problems and troubles or challenges and opportunities? In other words, do you believe that every cloud has a silver lining, or are you the type of person who is just going to stand there underneath that rain cloud and complain about getting drenched?

Way back in December, 1991, I tore my Achilles’ tendon. It was a real doozy. The MRI looked like someone had taken an axe whack to the back of my ankle. I missed two and a half months of work and spent my days housebound in a wheelchair.

Yes, at the time I complained. A lot. “Poor me, poor me.” But while I was stuck at home, I started writing. A few articles sent to the local newspaper landed me my own column, which I wrote for over 10 years. My writing credits now include whole books, stories, articles, poems and plays. I have been nationally published numerous times. I teach writing workshops, and have my own editing and critique business.

Would these things have happened if I HADN’T torn my Achilles’? I seriously doubt it. I never had the time before to “just sit and write.” I had never made it a priority. In this respect, my injury was truly a blessing in disguise.

A lot of my friends these days are experiencing the impact of a slow economy. Quite a few are finding themselves suddenly unemployed. I feel for them, but I also challenge them to reframe the way they view it. If they can look upon this time as a golden opportunity to tap their inner resources, and then take positive action to follow their dreams, who knows what will emerge from trusting in a silver lining?

Reframing everyday experiences will immediately improve your outlook, attitude and overall disposition. Instead of spending time saying “Poor me, poor me,” you’ll suddenly find yourself counting your blessings and looking at what’s RIGHT in your life. The glass, as I said in my February 17 post, is always completely full.