I’d like to expand upon my last blog posting, which challenged each of you to put more positive energy into everything you do, and consequently reap the abundant rewards of that high-vibration mindset.

Now what if we ALL spent time each day singing the praises of Wall Street Brokers, every little “gain” of the Dow, and celebrating with great enthusiasm as each of our friends come off unemployment and get back into the workforce?

Yes, at first this may seem like a stretch, but the other day I was struck by the general negativity of most people concerning the economy. I won’t repeat the statements of low-vibration discord running amuck among friends who should know me better than to talk like that around me, but suffice to say it was ugly. Very ugly.

So I said, as instructed by my Law of Attraction guru, Michael Losier, “Enough already! Don’t tell me what you DON’T want; tell me what you DO want!” I paused, as he does, for dramatic effect, and then said pointedly, “SO, WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

And as soon as my friends catch on to what I’m asking them to do, the mood changes. They become animated and energetic and almost playful in their responses. Inevitably, the mood continues to lighten as the energy shifts and we are now in the solution instead of living in the problem. And that’s a very good thing.

Today I challenge you all to “act as if”… “As if” your stocks were all in the “green,” “as if” you recently attracted several new clients, “as if” you just got a new job offer or got a raise doing the job you love, “as if” you had all the money you’d ever need to do all the things you’ve ever wanted to do.

I truly believe, clear down to my toes, that together we can raise the universal vibration, one person at a time. We don’t have to spend another minute listening to the economic naysayers. Or any other naysayers, for that matter. Skepticism and cynicism have no place in a life infused with positive energy.

Last posting I challenged you to “be the hero.” Today I challenge you not to spend any of your time or energy whining, complaining, or agreeing with people who are trying to suck us into the abyss of negative vibrations. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how “freeing” this is!

The economic upturn has already begun. We can hurry it along by putting our attention, energy, and focus on what’s RIGHT with our finances, our government, and ourselves. Choose the high road, and rise above those who would wallow in despair. Nothing happens by “accident” or “coincidence.” Abundance flows to those who actively attract it. As Michael says,  “BE A DELIBERATE ATTRACTOR.”