“Ninety-nine posts on my blog have appeared,
Ninety-nine posts on my blog,
You come to the site, read what I wrote,
And later you have it to quote…”

Now, if you read that little introduction without attempting to sing it, it’s for sure you didn’t grow up in my neighborhood!

Of course, if you DID try to sing it, you are probably shaking your head and wondering just how and why I broke the meter all up into such an indecipherable mess…

Beats me.

Sometimes I just feel like being silly. Silly is a good thing, used in moderation. You know, the proper place, the proper time. On the other hand, being too serious can give you ulcers and worry wrinkles. And we wouldn’t want that, now, would we?

This being blog posting number 99, I was hoping by now to have figured out what my blog is all about… Over the past six months it’s become quite obvious that I haven’t managed to hone in on just one theme. I bounce around with stories concerning life coaching, the Law of Attraction, creative writing, general inspiration, you name it. I’ve been writing about whatever strikes my fancy at the time—a little of this, a little of that. Hopefully, some of it resonates with a few of my readers now and then.

Writers write because they cannot NOT write… So I will continue to leave my mind meanderings here in this space, posted every odd-numbered day, until further notice.

You’ve been warned!