When I was out working in my yard (see previous post), a doe and her darling little spotted fawn came walking across my lawn and stopped to chat for a moment.

Ok, I admit I was the one doing all the chatting, but I’m quite sure there was a definite exchange of communication going on.

She sure wasn’t afraid of me, more curious I think, since she’s never before seen me out there with the pruners in my hand. I greeted her and her baby and told them they were welcome to stop by and nibble anything in my yard they liked, EXCEPT MY SWEET PEAS. They can have the apples, but they need to leave the sweet peas alone.

I’ve been extremely blessed this summer to observe several bucks and this one doe and fawn make themselves at home in my neighborhood. There were two fawns until a couple days ago, when the second one met its demise on the highway. I guess the high mortality rate is why 80% of deer have twins each year.

I think the mama deer understood me. She cocked her head, gave her fawn a little nudge across the clearing without pausing at my measly little  row of sweet peas, and slowly meandered off into the woods behind my house. I’m glad we had that little chat.

Now if I could only get the bunny to sit still for the same heart-to-heart talk. But I guess it’s a trade-off; I miss the flowers, but I sure enjoy the wildlife.