My one-act play opened last night to rave reviews. Of course, there was no actual “reviewer” present, but all my friends said they liked it, so I feel confident proclaiming “Motorcycle Mama” a rousing success.

I just love to write. I’ve written short stories, poems, articles and a newspaper column for over 10 years, but until last September, I had no idea I would ever write a one-act play. But fate took over and I did just that. Then late last spring, when I had no idea I’d ever direct a play, presto-chango, that happened too.

Last night when the intro music stopped and the first words were spoken, I had a rush that is almost indescribable… OH MY GOSH, DID I WRITE THAT? And then there was the first murmured laugh… I THINK THEY LIKE IT! I leaned forward, willing my cast to remember their lines, hoping the sound effects would cue on time, praying the dialog could be heard in the back row…

And then… quite suddenly… it was over… just like that… Poof! The cast took their bows and the stage was being cleared for the next performance. And all that writing, directing, blocking, creating, adjusting, modifying, memorizing, stewing and sweating has ripened on the vine and been harvested.

The drop of adrenalin makes my stomach lurch.

But wait! There are two more performances yet to see! The show will go on! And I’ll be there both times, sweating silver bullets all over again.

Come join me!