Oftentimes I hear someone say, “All I really want is…”  and then they go on to explain how they really aren’t asking for all that much. “I just need a car that runs.” “I’ll settle for a minimum wage job.” “I’d like to meet a man who doesn’t smoke.”

Well, in my Law of Attraction experience, we always get just what we ask for, and self-limiting our abundance, in my opinion, is paramount to a capital crime.

Why ask for the minimum you’ll settle for when the Universe is holding your abundance in escrow, waiting for you to step up and claim it? What if the Universe wanted you to inherit your uncle’s new Mercedes? What if a friend heard about a high-salary upper management job but didn’t think you wanted to put in the hours? What if the guy you meet doesn’t smoke but abuses animals and uses drugs?

Step Two of Michael Losier’s 3-step process for attracting unlimited abundance (www.lawofattractionbook.com) instructs us to get very, VERY clear on what it is we DO want. Shoot for the moon. Make your Desire Statement so crystal clear that you’ll know the moment it manifests. And then, after you’ve doubled or tripled what you could “live with,” add the tag line: “This or something better.”

But what could be better than the incredible abundance you have requested? How should I know? The Universe provides in mysterious ways, and I’m not so presumptuous as to think I know what incredible things are in store for you. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times: As soon as you stop limiting your beliefs, the Universe surprises you beyond your wildest dreams.

Stop putting limitations on your thinking, and you’ll soon find out!