Let me start with this disclaimer: This is NOT a “male bashing” commentary. This is a point-of-information blog posting, just something interesting I found to think about, and nothing more. I was doing some recreational reading the other day and had one of those “Aha” moments, and thought I might pass it along to both my male and female readers for their own contemplation.

According to Helen Fisher, a world-renown biological anthropologist:

“Women, on average, collect more bits of data, assemble that data into more complex patterns, and weigh more options as they make decisions. Women tend to see the big picture; they generalize and synthesize as they consider webs of factors—what I call ‘web thinking.” Men, on the other hand, get to the point. Typically, they are more likely to focus on what they consider relevant, then ponder in a more linear progression: ‘step thinking.’ Both approaches have merit. Each has been traced, respectively, to the hormones estrogen and testosterone. And each evolved millions of years ago as women did more multitasking to rear the young, while men spent more time zeroing in on one thing at a time—often hunting game.”

Interesting, huh? The article, which was about women’s thinking being wired for today’s leadership roles, was in the September edition of O Magazine (“O” for Oprah). It went on to say that women’s “web thinking” make them more intuitive, imaginative and with a natural aptitude for long-term planning and networking. Which is why, according to Fisher, in the modern world, where social networking and collaboration are requirements to long-term success, we are seeing more women in positions of leadership, whether in politics or boardrooms.

Ok, so maybe this is not something YOU’D have on your “recreational reading” list. But back to the point (yes, I do have one). I found it absolutely fascinating the way Fisher explained the biological differences and thought processes between the genders. Back in 1992, John Gray said simply, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

Which, as I’m sure my male friends will quickly point out, is a classic example of male thinking: relevant, linear, and to the point.