As you’ll recall (or you can scan back to 9/19 and re-read the entry), I was looking for what good would come out of the change in my plans for that day. Instead of dwelling in disappointment, I embraced the idea that the Universe had something better for me to do than teach a playwriting workshop on Saturday.

Instead of moping over the lack of interest in the class, I decided to look for the silver lining, choosing to believe “The best laid plans of mice and men oft take an unexpected, yet ultimately highly desirable, turn.”

And you ain’t a-gonna believe what happened!

Twenty years ago (yes, 20, exactly, this month!) I began work on a book I wanted to write about a very precocious 4th grade student of mine. I finished the first draft in 1998. The second draft was completed in 2004. And last Saturday, when I suddenly found myself with a full EIGHT UNINTERRUPTED HOURS to throw myself into whichever writing project I chose work on, I chose to spend my time working on this particular book. I mean, 20 years… Good grief!

So now, dear readers, now I can report that the “something better” I told the Universe I was ready to embrace manifested itself in the completion of the “FINAL” draft. Yep, it’s done. D-O-N-E. I can hardly believe it! Talk about a silver lining! Whooopeeee!

And tomorrow… TOMORROW…  my baby, after a gestation period of just 240 months, finally leaves the womb (also known as the bottom desk drawer) and goes off to the printer.

You better believe I’m doing the happy dance here!