Here’s a little trick that’s sure to raise your vibration (positive energy level) and give a little kick in the butt to those around you as well.

When someone asks the generic, “How are you?” instead of the usual boring, dull, and meaningless reply of “Fine,” why not reach for a little creativity and participate in some actual communication?

When queried, I used to put a big smile on my face and say, “I’m perfect!” That usually got a response ranging from “Nobody’s perfect” to “That’s great!” If they chose the former, negative response, I’d say, “Keep practicing, and you can be perfect too!” (Get it? Practice makes perfect!) And if they replied more positively, they were often smiling. And smiling automatically raises your vibration.

But the past couple years I’ve often said, “Finer than frog hair split three ways!” If I get a puzzled look, I continue with, “And that’s mighty fine!” It never fails to get a smile, and the person to whom you’re speaking is sure to feel a bit better after your exchange.

So “How are YOU today?” Come on, while you’re sitting there at your computer you’ve got time to think up something original, unique and full of high vibrations. I know you can do it!