Dr. Oz has become one of my gurus. I tape his show on ABC every afternoon and then watch it the next morning while I do my exercise routine. He makes learning to stay fit and healthy actually fun and entertaining.

His first show of 2010 focused on a two-week plan to “reboot” your body. And for that he had seven suggestions. To loosely paraphrase:

1) Dump the fridge, stock only healthy foods,
2) Get a pedometer, aim for 10,000 steps a day
3) Automate your meals with protein, whole grains and greens on a 9” plate
4) The Role of Soul: Get your partner to help, not sabotage, your efforts.
5) Learn how to cheat your taste buds. Sugar, salt and saturated fats are addictive, use substitutes
6) Call your doctor for a full check-up, know what your numbers are
7) Go public. Tell everyone what you’re doing so they can support your new healthy habits.

Ideally, you were to do one of these a day for the first week, then “measure up and repeat.” Well, in my last blog posting, January 21, I finally went public with my health and fitness resolutions. At first it felt scary: What if I drop the ball now?

Immediately following that thought was a “reframed” statement: I can’t drop the ball now, I’m accountable. And I became even more determined in my resolve.

And that, of course, is exactly what Dr. Oz intended to happen.