So I’ve been at this now for just over a year. I’ve written conscientiously every “odd numbered day” without fail. Today is blog number 195.  I’ve explored many areas of life coaching, the Law of Attraction, writing, and all kinds of quirky little things that manage to catch my attention and pique my interest.

Several months ago I saw the movie “Julie and Julia.” Based on a true story, the woman in that film, Julie, created every recipe in Julia Child’s famous cookbook in one year. She wrote about it in a blog. At the end of the year, she had written a whole book, which then became a movie.

Okay now! Here I am! I’ve written a blog for a full year! Where’s my book contract? Who wants the movie rights? Let the bidding war begin!

Except there’s a small problem… A minor detail, really…  As in, I never did decide on an actual FOCUS for this blog. And I guess the lack of a central theme has been keeping the offers at bay. But I’ve enjoyed the process, the “accountability” of writing on a regular schedule, and the eclectic nature of my entries.

I may never have the readership of the masses, but I have written quite a collection, or perhaps an “assortment,” of things to think about in many venues. So what if it’s not all about the same thing day after day? Perhaps that is what will keep my readers coming back…

I certainly hope so!