For the second time in the last five months, I’ve had a story accepted for the Chicken Soup series. The second time! Once could be a happy accident, but two is validation of my writing skills. And it PAYS! The IRS will be so happy that it looks like I’m actually trying to make an income! LOL

It’s nice to have a story accepted in Chicken Soup. It’s also nice to have a story and poem included in Clatsop Community College’s annual “RAIN Magazine,” coming out in June. I found out about that few days ago too. It doesn’t pay, but it kind of “feels like” I’m on a roll, learning of two acceptances in one week. But the truth is that I submitted to both of those places last November.

Sadly, I’ve been in a real writing slump the last couple months. It’s more than writers’ block, which I don’t believe in; it’s more like a loss of sense of purpose. I have had no motivation, no inspiration, nothing. The best I’m able to do is get this blog out every other day, and I guess that will have to be enough.

I know that if I want to see more acceptances, which I do, then I’ll have to get my fingers moving on the keyboard in a more creative way. But not today. Maybe tomorrow.