I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I should have used dysfunctional for the title. But dysfunctional means impaired, or abnormal, and nonfunctional means not, the reverse of, worthless, and lacking the usual positive characteristics.

And that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

The feeling that you just can’t get out of bed in the morning, and if you do manage to crawl out, getting dressed seems way too far removed from your capabilities.

Yeah, it sounds a lot like depression, the state of feeling deep sadness, marked by inactivity and difficulty in thinking and concentration.

I alluded to this in my last blog entry when I said I haven’t been able to write creatively for awhile. My muse has abandoned me, and I’m grieving. It’s been a serious enough slump this time that friends pushed me into seeking professional help.

My new counselor says it’s a natural response to loss, and to give it time. But he didn’t say how much time. At least he thinks it’s a situational depression, and that it will pass… eventually.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling nonfunctional, not much like my usual self, and I pray for the day the sun will shine in my soul again.  If you’re so inclined, I could use an extra prayer.