I quit watching television news broadcasts several years ago. Being bombarded with bad news every night at dinnertime, or worse yet, as I prepared to sleep, was simply not conducive to my personal wellbeing.

I doubt I’ve missed much, other than a few murders, mass mayhem, celebrity infidelities and corporate bailouts, none of which particularly interests me.

What interests me are the ways people find to raise the universal vibration. Give me a program that celebrates the everyday joy of our existence. I’d love to watch a news show where the focal point is on random acts of kindness and everyday gratitude.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” So I quit watching news programming, which highlights the negative aspects of our existence. Yes, you may say I have my head buried in the sand, but it works for me.

My little boycott may not have a major impact on program advertisers, but it certainly helps me maintain a more positive state of mind. And for the record, I don’t follow the daily numbers on Wall Street, either, and my blood pressure is at an all-time low.

Walk with me on the sunny side of the street. I refuse to be pulled under by the toxicity of wallowing in doom and gloom. “What you put your attention, energy and focus on grows larger,” says my Law of Attraction guru Michael Losier.

I’m with him!