I’m 56. Most of my friends are in their 50s or 60s, and almost every single one of them could have been, might have been, probably should have been dead by now, had not providence intervened. And by providence, I mean everything from medical and technological advancements, to recovery from addictions, to lifestyle changes, to pure, blind, dumb, luck.

Think of the people you know who frequently say they are living on borrowed time. According to the Law of Attraction, saying something like that attracts universal negativity. It’s dwelling on the shortness of life instead of the abundance of it. And what we put our attention, energy, and focus on grows larger. Therefore, it’s a total waste of time to be walking around waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Feel the difference when you hear the words, “I’m enjoying my Bonus Rounds!”

That’s what I intend to do: enjoy every minute of every day. Remember the carousel I rode two weeks ago in Seattle? Well, there are plenty more carousels where that one came from! As I’ve said before, my “bucket list” just keeps getting longer and longer, so there’s no way I’ll consider the possibility of checking out any time soon.

My dear friend Joani was diagnosed with stage four melanoma about a decade ago. She was told she had less than four months to live. “To hell with that,” she replied, “I have wine to drink!” And she lived—really, truly, lived, another four years. Four years instead of four months, all because she wanted to.

So today I invite you to grab life by the horns and do something, anything, that you never thought you’d have the guts to do. Start writing a novel, or pen a poem. Plan a trip to Victoria (if you haven’t got a passport, apply for one today!), or go to Mexico or even Italy! Now is the time to go for it! If you’re over 40, these ARE your Bonus Rounds!