Standing at the sink, shelling hard cooked eggs to make Deviled Eggs for an end-of-the-summer, just-for-the-helluvit potluck, which was code for “Glenn’s 80th birthday party,” I suddenly wondered where the term “Deviled Eggs” came from, and just what was in the “original” recipe. So I stopped shelling, dried my hands, and sat down at the computer.

I just love Google. Seconds later, I had more information about Deviled Eggs in front of me than a person would need in an entire lifetime. Nevertheless, I started reading. According to one source, Deviled Eggs are also known as Eggs Mimosa, Russian Eggs, Dressed Eggs, and Picnic Eggs, and they originated in Rome, Italy.

There’s also an entire website on the tasty hors d’oeuvres, at, where else? .  In that site, The Deviled Egg Gourmet has documented over 100 recipes, including Caviar Deviled Eggs with Dill for those who like to experience the more expensive side of a relatively down home dish.

Apparently there are as many ways to make Deviled Eggs as there are people who make them, and there’s no “wrong” way to do it. Unless, of course, you get so caught up gleaning information on the World Wide Web that you neglect to make them at all!

Over an hour later, I suddenly realized that the time of the potluck was rapidly approaching and my world famous “Eggs ala Jansy” weren’t quite ready yet. I made short work of it, got to the party without further delay, and was pleased to see the platters quickly empty.

Yessiree, Deviled Eggs are a real crowd pleaser, no matter what you put in them or where they come from!