While I was busy counting wreaths and icicle lights still adorning the homes of Hillsboro (see Feb 13 entry), I stopped for a late breakfast at Shari’s on TV (Tualatin Valley) Highway.

As I waited by the register at the end of my meal, three nicely-dressed gentlemen entered and stood just inside the door. I assumed they were waiting to be seated. I exited the building, and was surprised to see two police officers, in clearly marked protective vests, standing just outside.

As there were four patrol cars now in the parking lot where none had been when I arrived, I wondered where the other officers were. I didn’t have long to wonder. I got into my car and watched as a scrawny young waiter was led from the building in handcuffs.

The three “gentlemen” escorted the waiter to a squad car while two additional officers, also in protective vests, joined the original pair from around the back of the building. One of them now frisked “the suspect” before putting him into the car.

I noted that “the suspect” still wore his food-server’s apron and had his order pad clipped to his belt. I hoped he’d already entered the last order he took into the computer prior to being arrested, or somebody inside was in for a very long and hungry wait.

If you’re keeping tabs on our tax dollars at work, that was four squad cars, four police officers, three men, apparently detectives, and… wait for it… a K-9 unit waiting inside one of the cars. So that’s seven men and a dog to arrest just one pimple-faced waiter. Whew! I feel safer already!

It must have been a slow crime day in Hillsboro, but for my money, I had both breakfast AND a show.