Yeah, yeah, I know today’s the first full day of “Spring,” but I can’t seem to keep my mind from leaping forward a few seasons.

You see, I recently finished, yes FINISHED, the final full revision and complete edit of three one-act Christmas plays. These one-act plays are bound together under the title “A Christmas Trilogy: Three Holiday One-Acts,” and will shortly be available on my website,

I got the idea to create this seasonal trilogy after hanging around community theaters for a few years. Late every autumn, the response to auditions for the holiday show falls way low, due to the amount of time required to rehearse a full-length play. People have LIVES, you know!

With one-act plays, rehearsals are cut down to just one or two nights a week for the five or six weeks prior to the performance. The number of lines to learn for a one-act are considerably less, as well—like one third as much! And I’m using the same set design for all three plays, so the stage crew has less to worry about too.

So it’s a win-win situation. Small community theaters will be able to produce the three combined shows next December, and everyone will still have time to do their holiday baking. Now all I have to do is find a number of venues for my work, and Christmas will be very merry indeed!

If you think your local theater group might be interested, please send me a message today for more information!