I’m pretty sure that somewhere on this computer keyboard there must be a key for those of us who can’t stand having to “hurry up and wait” while something downloads. But if there isn’t one there already, perhaps I can invent it.

Pressing the button won’t do anything to speed up the processes, but it will give us flibbertigibbets something to do while we wait the nanoseconds it takes to complete our online command.

I am also pretty sure that we, as a general population, were never so impatient as we’ve become since the advent of computers. I wonder if the younger crowd even remembers posting a handwritten letter and waiting a minimum of two to four days for it to reach its destination, and another two to four days, minimum, to expect a reply.

My mother, bless her heart, has become a victim of the “I want it faster” generation. She has often sent me an email and then has almost immediately called to ask why I haven’t answered her note.

I hope the Impatient Button catches on. When they do, I’m getting Mother a red one.