Tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the River City Theater in Ilwaco, we’ll be holding auditions for the five one-act plays selected for this year’s One-Act Festival to be performed the last weekend in August.

Rita Smith will be directing my play, “Killer Clam Tide” (a comedy), but Rita is out of town, so I’ve stepped in to oversee the try-outs. I’m looking forward to hearing my words read aloud by someone other than me. It’s a thrill all playwrights look forward to.

When an actor steps forward and reads your script on stage for the first time, it’s quite an emotional affair. The throat lump, the threat of tears, the swell of pride… Let’s just hope I can control myself long enough to cast the play!

One-acts are a good way to take those first tentative steps on stage. If you’ve always wanted to try performing, this is the time to come on down! It’s low key and lots of fun. We also need people to help with props and costumes and makeup and sweeping up after us, so don’t be bashful! We’ve got plenty of places where you can help!

Seven o’clock, tonight and tomorrow, River City Theater in Ilwaco. I sincerely hope to see you there!