The war of my youth was the war in Vietnam. Don’t you dare try to soften it by calling it a conflict. My definition of a conflict is a heated discussion. In a war, there are thousands dying and not much discussion going on.

My generation was the first to gain massive media attention by protesting military involvement in southeast Asia. I wasn’t fond of our involvement there, but like now, I support the men and women who serve our country.

And it still appalls me the way those veterans were treated when they returned stateside. Name calling, spitting, throwing things—the news was full of it.

So today I’m still trying to make amends to our servicemen and women. I make it a point when I see “Vietnam Vet” embroidered on a baseball cap, or printed on a license plate holder to thank the person for their service. Thank you for laying your life on the line in the name of democracy.

Welcome home, my brothers and sisters, welcome home.