During the 30 years I taught school, Thanksgiving “vacation” used to mean stuffing myself with turkey and crashing out on the couch watching football all weekend. Now, relatively early in my writing career, it means setting up for a three-day bazaar in Ocean Shores and hawking my books.

I’m not complaining, not one bit. I thoroughly enjoy meeting the Readers (with a capital “R”) who enjoy my work, and I know it’s all part of “paying my dues” to spend the time and energy to create an attractive bazaar display and sit behind my table all weekend.

The “Winter Fanta-sea” at the Ocean Shores Convention is a biggie on the Bazaar Circuit. Over the course of three days, an estimated 8,000 people will walk through our gathering, gawking at our wares. And, I hope, buying quite a few!

And after closing on Friday and Saturday, I’ll be shuffling my weary self back to the motel to dine in the adjoining restaurant relax for awhile in the hot tub before bed. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it!

If you’re in the Ocean Shores area, come see me! Table D-6. They’ll give you a map at the door!