Sometimes I know I’m just kidding myself when I say I’m going to do “this and such” by “then and such.” I pick an arbitrary date for the completion of my goal, but then, since there’s no penalty or accountability for not hitting the target, I often let it slide. No big deal.

But it is a big deal when I broadcast my intentions for all the world to see And I’m testing that theory by announcing right now that I’ve looked at the calendar, and I’ve looked at my file of short romance stories, and I’m thinking that I “should” be able to get an entire book together and ready for electronic publishing in just a couple weeks.

You heard it here first: 42 Short Romance Stories in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day! That means I have to have them all organized, formatted, edited, and ready to go online by… Well, January 14 would be ideal, but I have lots of other commitments this week, and that’s only 4 days from now. January 24, on the other hand, is still three weeks before the sweethearts’ holiday, but somehow feels like it’s not soon enough…

Closing my eyes and throwing at dart at the calendar, I’m saying my collection of “light and fluffy, sugary sweet” short stories will be available online by January 20th. That’s 10 days, and I’ll have to work overtime, but I think it’s doable.

So now that I’ve told you, my feet are to the fire, and I’ll work doubly hard to make it come true. Blabbing it to the Universe is a strong motivator!