When last we left our little feline hero, he was enjoying removing all the glass ornaments and crocheted snowflakes from both trees still decorating my home on January 6th. But that was six days ago and a lot has transpired since then…

Dearest Alvin has already given me plenty of material for a short story, or better yet, a short scientific paper on neurotic cats.

Leave it to me to select a pet who’s fixated on staking out the bathroom. He circles the toilet, first this way and that, and then tries to pry the lid up while standing on top of it and yowling. When I turn on the shower and pull back the curtain to step in, there he is, walking around the edge of the tub, like the commander in chief on parade.

I’ve always been able to train my cats by using a squirt gun to dissuade unwanted behavior. But not Alvin. He fearlessly charges the water stream, batting the drops to the right and the left with both paws, for all the world looking like he’s playing rub-a-dub-dub to disco music.

And when I put food into his bowl, he follows me from room to room, chirping and chattering, demanding that I attend to him. Turns out he just wants me to stand by his food dish while he eats—won’t touch it until I’m standing right beside him.

So I’m happy to report that Alvin has adjusted well to his new surroundings, and in no time at all, he expects to have me trained to his particular specifications. No doubt about it, the little blonde guy has taken charge.