For the fourth year in a row, I have a play included in the One-Act Festival at the River City Playhouse, running Thursday, August 23, through Sunday, August 26.

“Motorcycle Mama,” “Just Joshin’,” and “Killer Clam Tide” preceded this year’s “A Visit with Mom.” Don’t ask which is my favorite; they’re all my children.

And while I’m not directing my play, I’m mentoring the guy who is directing. It’s the way we pay it forward at the playhouse and how we bring new blood to the backstage experience. I’ve also been out collecting the props.

My play revolves around a woman visiting her mother on the occasion of Mom’s 80th birthday. By some strange coincidence, I had a similar experience last summer, so I know just what props I need to find: A gallon zip-lock baggie of brown dog hair, the box a paper shredder came in, a myriad of pizza coupons, a plethora of framed pictures, and a few stuffed animals.

I love this play; it makes me laugh. And even though I’ve heard the ladies rehearse a few times, I’m looking forward to seeing it onstage later this week. Tickets are just $5, and there are four plays to enjoy.

Of course, I’ll like mine best, but I invite you to come join us and pick out a favorite of your own. For more information, check out our website: