Exactly five months ago, I celebrated the fact that the 2012 “Bazaar Season” was officially over, and relished the idea of not preparing for another big book selling event until October, 2013.

But time has a way of easing all pain, and in a weak moment in February, I signed up to participate in the “Spring Fling” bazaar in Ocean Shores, taking place this weekend. So after massive preparations, which included buying waterproof totes for my books and completely re-vamping all my display signs, I’m once again out hawking my books.

Since the bazaar continues through tomorrow, I don’t have my final sales tallies, but I do know that bookselling is definitely a one-on-one contact sport, whether taking place just before the holidays, or in anticipation of lazy summer days.

The biggest difference, of course, is that at this time of year, few people are seeking to find the perfect Christmas gift. And that, of course, makes my job a little harder. Harder, but certainly not impossible.

And although sitting in my book booth for 19 hours this weekend, plus the time for set up and take down, was not my favorite way to spend a weekend, I very much enjoy meeting “readers.” Those are the people I write for, and it’s great to meet and greet and share a moment of genuine eye contact.

So if you’re in the area, stop by the convention center and say hello. We’re open Sunday from 10-4. Mention this blog post and get a free hug!