I never harvest any apples from my trees. It’s not that there aren’t any apples out there, it’s just that I planted the trees solely for the wild critters who come looking for a handout this time of year.

Naturally, when the deer were posing out under the fruit trees in the back yard, I’d neglected to charge my phone, and was unable to take a good photo. But here they are, my frequent visitors, Momma and Baby, in the front yard, enjoying some early autumn nibbles.

They know they’re safe here, and they always will be. I won’t say I can walk up and pet them, cause I’d never do such a thing, but they’re pretty fearless when they come to visit, and I’m grateful how often I get to watch these gentle creatures in their “natural” habit.

The weird thing is, I truly enjoy eating venison. I just don’t allow my brain to equate my personal Bambi and Mother with the meat on the dinner plate.

And I can live with that.