What are your strongest suits? Seriously. Stop right now and take a minute. Open up a blank screen on your computer, or go to the “Notes” tab on your iPad and thoughtfully consider the things you know you do well.

It’s not an exercise in tooting your own horn; it’s initiating the practice of placing real value on who you are and what you accomplish.

Perhaps you make the best meatloaf this side of the Mississippi. Perhaps you’re the shoulder to cry on when a friend’s in need. Maybe you can program the DVR, or coax the lawn mower into starting. Maybe you’re the only one in the house that cleans the cat box, but the cats sure do count on you.

None of us are good at “everything.” Conversely, none of us are “bad” at everything. Hopefully, you chose a career that capitalized not only on what you can make money doing, but also where your passion lies.

It’s called playing to your strengths.

If you took the first paragraph seriously, then you now have compiled a list to make you proud. If you don’t have at least 100 things on your list, go back and try again. That’s right: You haven’t finished your homework. Now get your fanny back there and really think about those things at which you excel. There are literally thousands!

And yes, I’ve listed kicking people in the butt to motivate them as one of MY superpowers!