The Chinese New Year begins today. For those born in 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, or 1954, or any 12-year increment before that, it’s your year! Expect and graciously receive an all-powerful abundance!

I was born in 1954. And yep, you’re right: it’s an easy math problem to figure out that I’ll be 60 this year. And that previously little-known but now public factoid scares the begeezus out of me. Sixty? Seriously? When the hell did THAT happen?

But more importantly, what have I got to show for 60 years on the planet? What have I accomplished? What will be my legacy? And how much time do I have left here to do more?

Oh, if only I had the answer to that last question!

I read through the alleged “attributes” and “predictions” for Horse People in 2014, and decided to take what I wanted and throw the rest out. A lot like I do when I read my horoscope and/or fortune cookies.

Consequently, I choose to believe what it says about horse people being energetic, intelligent and physically strong. They like to stay at peaceful places. They are very good when it comes to communicating with other people, thus making them sociable and quite friendly. Horses love crowded places as well as entertainment. Because of the Horse’s natural friendly characteristic, he/she is loved by many.

Yep, that’s me alright. Never mind about the implied financial flakiness or downright stubbornness. I’d prefer to call those things financial flexibility and personal tenacity.

Furthermore, Horses are trustworthy individuals who will not let you down during your down times. As a friend, they will be there to cheer you up and they’ll even take you to great places just to ease out your sadness.

But 60? Geez… Who’s going to show up to help ease ME out of that sadness?