I just returned from two full weeks of “me time.” It’s a tradition I started 16 years ago, and I’ve only missed two June Escapes since I made self-care a top priority.

Sixteen years ago, a counselor suggested I needed to invest in myself by going to a recovery center designed for people with eating disorders. I investigated, and the cost was, in my opinion, totally obscene.

Seriously, how could anyone possibly come up with $1400 a day, which adds up to $42,000 for 30 days, plus airfare? I simply could not afford anything even remotely close to that amount for their measly one-month help with my food addiction.

Thankfully, my “teacher mode” kicked in, and using their daily activity/program calendar as a rough guide, I created my own retreat. I enlisted the help of my friend Idaho Steve, and as soon as I could arrange things here at home, I took off for Hailey.

I tried out healthy recipes, attended support group meetings, went to water aerobics and yoga classes and walked for miles on the bike trail that runs through town. I read all kinds of “self-help” literature, and took the time to meditate several times a day.

During my retreat, I totally restored my inner balance. I came home refreshed and committed to continuing the work I’d started there, and learned the value of personal “time outs” at home by turning off the phone and computer, spending the day reading a good book, and not even bothering to get dressed.

All that peace and serenity, and all that money saved! It truly doesn’t get any better than that!