It’s a darn good thing the back seat in my mustang folds down! Otherwise, I’d have had to be even more creative when I brought home my newest tome. Hauling 15 30-pound boxes of books is a lot to ask of a “sportscar,” but at the time, I had no other options.

The nice people at Gorham Printing in Centralia got it all loaded up for me, but I had to unload it all by myself! Sorry I didn’t have wonder woman Alison here to help!

I can’t say enough about the amazing group of professionals who work at Gorham. I’m a pretty hands-on type of gal. Collectively, the women at Gorham have been holding my hand for some time now, through drafts and proofs and cover design and every other aspect of production.

It’s not that I’m particularly difficult (read picky), it’s just that I want it as perfect as possible! Fortunately, the Gorham folks feel the same way.

Kathleen has seen me through five books since we began our affiliation in 2009. “Just Joshin,” “Romance 101,” “It’s Christmas!” “Through My Looking Glass, Volume II,” and now “Back from Obesity.” Good service deserves my loyalty, and I shall return again when my mystery series comes out next year.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the thrill of climbing over the boxes of inventory in my dining room, briefly basking in the all-encompassing sense of accomplishment. Time for a deep breath and a happy dance.

Next up is Marketing… BUT FIRST, the photo below is how I tip… Lunch for the entire crew at Gorham was ON ME!  (Photo by Kathleen Shaputis)