Hard to believe, I know, but there are a few other things going on in my life (and rumor has it, even in the world!) besides Rick’s heart health.

In the midst of all the life-or-death drama being played out at the hospital on a daily basis, I’ve still managed to move forward on my JanBonoBooks business plan. I am, after all, trying to make a little money at writing!

Next month, on Saturday, October 25, I’ll be doing TWO book signings, finally entering the “come and get them” phase of book publishing. The first, from 10-12, will be at the Long Beach Coffee Roasters, and the second, from 1:30-3:30, will be at 3 Cups Coffee in Astoria.

Hopefully, there will be a nice article and some photos in the Coast Weekend just prior to these book signings to help me get the word out. That’s the hardest part of long-distance promotion… How in the world will anyone KNOW I’m there on that day and time selling my books? I can’t exactly run all over two towns putting up flyers while I’m hanging at OHSU, but I’ll figure it out.

On Thursday, October 30, I’ll be speaking to the Peninsula Women in Business group (about both my business and losing weight), and October 31-November 1, I’ll be at the Peninsula Church Center in Seaview, hawking not just “Back from Obesity,” but ALL my books at the first Holiday Bazaar of the season.

November and December weekends are almost all full of bazaars, so it’s going to take some serious schedule-juggling, but I’m sure it will all work out. That’s the plan, and I’m planning on sticking to it!