What an age we live in! I Googled the most popular New Year’s Resolutions to see how my list matched up with the majority, and discovered several sites that listed specific APPS to help achieve those most frequently mentioned goals, along with which phone or computer systems they required and the cost of downloading said assistance.

Good grief! Apparently the days of sitting and staring at a blank piece of lined paper, gnawing on the eraser of a pencil while you think, are long gone.

I compared a half dozen such online lists, and not surprisingly, “lose weight” makes the top three on every one of them. Improving fitness also ranks high, along with quitting smoking and/or drinking.

One site I explored claimed that up to 66% of Americans are considered overweight, or even obese. For those math-challenged readers, that’s a whopping two-thirds—or two out of every three.

Now I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet, so I challenged that “fact” and looked a little deeper. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/obesity-overweight.htm) listed the percentage of overweight and obese adults age 20 and over at 69%.

That’s even worse—7 of every 10. Holy super-sized gluttony!

It’s no secret that extra poundage has an effect on every system in one’s body, and an early demise is often a direct result of being overweight, although it’s rarely listed on a death certificate.

So if you’re writing “Lose Weight” on your resolution list today, what are you going to DO to make it happen? Are you going to join the gym? Take a healthy cooking class? Buy an APP to help you track your progress? What are your plans for initiating, and maintaining, a change in your eating habits?

I really want to know—and I’m rooting for you!